Not all millennials watch YouTube Vlogs nowadays, some still watch old school cable TV, and boy, are they in for a treat. Launching this week on MTV: Amazingness, a new talent show by pro skater do-or-dier™ Rob Dyrdek.

But, come on bro, a talent show? How incredible unoriginal. Just like Ridiculousness, a bunch of regurgitated crap (we have to admit Tosh.0 is pretty funny).

Fantasy Factory was original and fun to watch. Bring that back Rob! Or at least give us an occasional skate clip and we’ll stay out of your hair. If not, we feel obliged to inform Sux readers about this shit.

We Never Diss Tony Hawk

tony hawk skating the white house has a gaming problem. And they need to be told not to diss Tony Hawk‘s White House Run. Stick to Dick Jokes

Why is my table out in the rain you ask? It knows what it did.

Brilliant writing though Chris. We enjoyed this one. Game sales are back on point now.

Cut on Rob’s equally as important Carl’s Jr. run.

Burton Acquires DNA Distribution

DAYTON, Ohio, Feb. 5 /PRNewswire/ — DNA Distribution, which includes skateboarding brands Alien Workshop, Habitat and Reflex, today announced that the company has been acquired by Burton.

DNA Distribution will continue to operate in Dayton, Ohio and CEO and Co-Founder Chris Carter will continue to oversee the DNA brands, which include Alien Workshop, Habitat and Reflex Bearings.

via burton.