IKEA Skåteböard

ikea skateboard.jpg

Some dude named Chris Stamp (owner of fancy “streetwear” brand Stampd) has teamed up with IKEA to design the first IKEA Skateboard (release date May 2018).

We’re fans of IKEA (cheap affordable furniture is always 👍), we’re just not sure if this Stump guy even knows how to ollie up a curb.

It was important to me that it was accessible. I believe we ended up with something in between a longboard and a more technical board.

The real question is, what will IKEA name this thing?

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Via Jenkem Magazine.

Ed Hardy Skateboards

old man on a skateboard

They have a Liger on them for fuck’s sake. Maybe it’s a tiger. We’re not sure. Ed Hardy Skateboards. Someone is going to order gobs of them for sure. We almost can’t wait to punch someone in the mouth for riding one. Purported to be the best boards on the market.

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