Not all millennials watch YouTube Vlogs nowadays, some still watch old school cable TV, and boy, are they in for a treat. Launching this week on MTV: Amazingness, a new talent show by pro skater do-or-dier™ Rob Dyrdek.

But, come on bro, a talent show? How incredible unoriginal. Just like Ridiculousness, a bunch of regurgitated crap (we have to admit Tosh.0 is pretty funny).

Fantasy Factory was original and fun to watch. Bring that back Rob! Or at least give us an occasional skate clip and we’ll stay out of your hair. If not, we feel obliged to inform Sux readers about this shit.

IKEA Skåteböard

ikea skateboard.jpg

Some dude named Chris Stamp (owner of fancy “streetwear” brand Stampd) has teamed up with IKEA to design the first IKEA Skateboard (release date May 2018).

We’re fans of IKEA (cheap affordable furniture is always 👍), we’re just not sure if this Stump guy even knows how to ollie up a curb.

It was important to me that it was accessible. I believe we ended up with something in between a longboard and a more technical board.

The real question is, what will IKEA name this thing?

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Via Jenkem Magazine.

Did Tony Hawk Get Matt Lauer Fired?

Earlier this week Tony Hawk went on the NBC’s TODAY show to “Fight for Good” with the LGBT unfriendly Salvation Army.

Of course there was a photo op with the NBC hosts, including Matt Lauer, who got fired for inappropriate sexual behavior the next day.

Which got us wondering, who will be the first Pro skater to be fired for sexual harassment?

Matt Lauer groping Tony Hawk
Matt Lauer groping Tony Hawk

Update: Tony seems to have deleted the photo from all his social channels?