Sux is Back đźŽ‰

First Post Bitches!

Update: Currently bringing back some of the old posts (2002 til 2012). Hilarious Good to see many dumb skateboard endeavor, deals, and toys have broken links!

Update 2: Set up some socials so y’all can follow those and stay informed whenever new shit is posted on Sux.

Sheckler Screws Shops

Twittering to 1,612,848 + people that you can buy Skateboard products at PacSun is no way to treat the shops that carry your brands. This just doesn’t look right to us at all. Come on Ryan. Should we just accept this? Socialwise is the parent company to billmyparents. Industrial Rideshop too?

Ed Hardy Skateboards

old man on a skateboard

They have a Liger on them for fuck’s sake. Maybe it’s a tiger. We’re not sure. Ed Hardy Skateboards. Someone is going to order gobs of them for sure. We almost can’t wait to punch someone in the mouth for riding one. Purported to be the best boards on the market.

One of our truck lines is the Cadillac high performance line. There is no question as to why these trucks have been rated as, “#1 and #2 best all around truck” in Big Brother Magazine.

Zenetti Skate Team

zenetti skate team.jpg

This is an official skate team with a complete partnership, including magazine features, show appearances and advertising campaign. We have some of the top skate professionals in the world representing our brand and feel that our partnership will help elevate the industry and spark a new trend.

Using Skateboarding and Skateboarders to grills and wheels. The Big Stupid. Looks like Braydon Szafranski has a little bit of the Captain in him.

via: HaveBoard