Olympic Skateboarding

Tony Larson at The Art Dump pointed out a story about Skateboarding being in the 2012 Olympics.

The IOC does not recognize an international skateboarding federation, so the sport would first need to be adopted as a discipline under the UCI umbrella. After that, the UCI could make a formal proposal to the IOC for its inclusion in the Olympics.

We like the words Skateboarding as a Discipline.

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Skateboarding Teams

First stop? Venice? This could get interesting. Don’t forget we give points in skateboarding to the people that land on your feet if they are hanging out on the coping… Even more points if they can get the dude’s shins.

After months of wooing sponsors, and drafting bylaws and articles of incorporation, all Jeff Stern needed to create the first high school skateboard league was teenage skaters to get onboard and compete.