SoulArc Boards

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SoulArc Boards and clothing are changing the way surfers get around on land; looking good, less work, and a better ride.

Skateboarding Sux will not review this product if they send us one.

Port-A-Board Portable Skateboard


The most revolutionary innovation in skateboards ever! Port-A-Board decks are lightweight yet durable, constructed from tough 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum. Each board has a polished, clear anodized finish, nose and tail edgeguards in nine colors, complete set of wheels and bearings, removable wheel trucks and more.

For $150.00 you get a bunch of crap that fits together to form a big piece of crap. Dope!

No need to hide your board at school

Sit N Skate


Every once in a while something gets sent to us that isn’t Skateboard related and we tend to completely ignore them. This time we couldn’t help but introduce you to the Sit-N-Skate.

I have created and patented an innovative street toy that I believe would be a profitable addition to your product line. Perhaps you are not the right person to send this inquiry but if you find interest in my creation, I request you forward this e-mail to the one who could make a determination of interest in adding it to the product line. Based upon my initial research, I know it’s something that could be as popular as the Razor scooter and skateboards.

My creation utilizes roller skates and a form of a skateboard in its operation. I call it the: Sit N Skate.

Thank you.

Larry Maurer

No Larry… Thank You!

P.S. Your Balls are Showing

sit-n-skate balls.jpg