Ed Hardy Skateboards

old man on a skateboard

They have a Liger on them for fuck’s sake. Maybe it’s a tiger. We’re not sure. Ed Hardy Skateboards. Someone is going to order gobs of them for sure. We almost can’t wait to punch someone in the mouth for riding one. Purported to be the best boards on the market.

One of our truck lines is the Cadillac high performance line. There is no question as to why these trucks have been rated as, “#1 and #2 best all around truck” in Big Brother Magazine.

California Girls Learn to Ride

Tha Tap found a gem of a site that promotes an even bigger find. This is the reason Sux got started. California Girls Skateboards has some absolute goof behind it.

Eric Muss-Barnes. We’re guessing the guy failed in porn and decided to move on to the next billion dollar industry. We kind of feel sorry for Holly Lyons getting mixed up in this stuff. Holly is doing her own thing at Sk8Grl.